Dollar Tree Survey


Dollar tree is a national chain of stores that have it’s roots at Virginia. It offers discounts on all kind of products and sells it’s items for almost a dollar and sometimes even less than that. The items it’s sells include but are not limited to products that related to healthcare,electronic items,books, supplies for pets etc. It is spread across Canada and USA and has almost 5000 stores. is a survey website that welcomes any kind of feedback from it’s customers. They even reward customers for filling up the survey.

Dollar Tree wants to improve upon their services and offer a better experience to their customers. So take part in the dollartreefeedback survey and help them out in making awesome stores.

Prerequisites and requirements

1) You will need a functioning laptop or computer with a decent internet connection to open Dollar Tree survey website
2) A way of contacting you quickly. Phone number or an email address will be sufficient.
3) A receipt that has been provided by dollar tree


Instructions for filling dollartreefeedback

1) Open the website on your laptop/computer.
2) From the options given choose the language you are most comfortable with.
3) In the following page, enter the actual customer survey program code which is produced on your own shop sales receipt.
4) Now, enter the amount of money you spent, store number and the date with time when you visited the store.
5) After that you can be questioned and asked to remember the time when you visited the store. Rate your experience on the scale of 5 and enter it.
6) There is also a space, a little below the survey website where you can add your additional comments and remarks.
7) There is a draw of 1000$ on dollartreefeedback. If you want to enter it you can enter your contact information, that is, your phone number and email address and you will be contacted if you get lucky and win the draw.