Walgreens Customer Survey


Have you shopped at any Walgreen’s stores recently? If yes, or should you happen to shop with them in the near future, you have a chance to evaluate the company and recommend what they can improve on to serve you better. You can do this by participating in the ongoing www.WagCares.com. By participating, you enter a draw where one lucky winner gets to walk away with $3000 per month. The survey can be taken by mail, phone or a mailed hard copy.

About Walgreens

The company is the largest drugs retailer in the USA. The company was born in Chicago, Illinois back in 1901 when Charles R Walgreen opened a single drugstore. Today, the company has over 8169 stores across the country. Walgreens specializes in retailing drugs and pharmacy.


1.Limited to legal USA residents
2. Be 18 years or above
3. Have a receipt of a recent purchase with a code and password


The Walgreens Online Feedback – Step by Step Guide

1. Access the Wagcares customer satisfaction website by opening www.wagcares.com
2. The website offers the option in either English or Spanish. Choose the language you prefer.
3. You will be taken to a page where you are to fill in your survey code and password. Check your receipt for the code and password, key them in the appropriate slots provided then click the start tab to begin the survey.
4. The next page provides you will information on the Wagcares.com. Take your time to go through this section to get more insights.
5. Proceed with the rest of the survey by following the instructions provided with the questions.
6. After completing the survey, you will be enrolled in the Walgreens sweepstakes where you have a chance to win the $3000 prize.


1. Your survey code and password can only be used once.
2. To move back or forward during the browsing, do not use the navigation tabs. This may cause you to lose your filling progress and hence your chance to complete it. Instead, use the navigation tabs on the website page only.